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There’s an increasing trend in the job market worldwide. More and more businesses are running on a flexible workforce. This is causing a multitude of challenges for both managers and workers alike. Such as recruiting, managing, scheduling, compensating and communicating in general.

ONDURO helps these growing companies by providing a scalable platform for flexible staff management and communication. Our mission is to increase efficiency and reduce complexity for both managers and workers.

Founded in 2015 we are active in the German and Dutch market, where we currently put our main focus. Our customers are small- and medium-sized businesses in various industries, including hospitality, catering, healthcare, security, retail and events.

We thrive to create a product which our customers love. Because it is simple, efficient and easy-to-use. Every business has a different workflow, this is why we provide a flexible platform that adapts to the requirements of our customers. When the business grows, our platform scales. ONDURO is powerful without being complex.


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