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We are Healthy Workers, a fast-growing company dedicated to promoting employee well-being. We create the workplace of the future.

Most people spend the majority of their waking hours at work. We find it alarming that 70% percent of all employed people are not happy at work. This needs to change! Therefore we put the employee centre stage at Healthy Workers. We won’t stop until every workplace has been optimised. We heighten engagement, improve well-being, and prevent burnouts. Healthy Workers may start in the Netherlands, but our plans reach further than the borders. Our ambition is to achieve international expansion within the next three year. At the moment we already have customers such as IBMPWC and UWV. Successful companies start with happy workers, after all!

Creating the perfect work environment is not an easy thing to do. Therefore we gather data with sensors and scientifically validated collection methods. Healthy Workers makes employee well-being and happiness measurable and insightful. Based on these insights, we offer companies targeted interventions that match the needs of their employees.

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