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Growth Tribe Is…

Growth Tribe launched 2 years ago with the vision to empower humans to rapidly gain skills in a fast-changing world.

In 2 years time, we’ve grown from a team of 3 to a team of 31 people.

We’re Europe’s first Growth Academy backed by Facebook, the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and StartupAmsterdam. We’re a young rapidly growing source of growth education in Europe. We’re specialized in teaching digital growth skills (data-driven growth through experimentation, A.I. for non-coders) with hands-on and cutting-edge exercises. Our entire curriculum is built in-house with more than 2700+ people trained so far. And we’re just getting started.

What You’ll Be Doing



Lots & lots of writing…


You’ll be putting content out there that’ll be seen.. Ready to make your friends jealous? ;) We feature on TNW, Conversion.XL,, Business Insider,, StartupJuncture, Sprout, Emerce, Dutch Cowboys, Silicon Canals..

We’ll show you how to build lists, write copy that converts and help bring you to the next level. Like seriously.


More stuff you’ll be doing

  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, Instagram)
  • Writing articles, blog posts, and email campaigns
  • Writing growth hacking articles for SEO and link-building
  • Lead generation
  • Email marketing
  • Expert interviews
  • Event promotion and organization
  • Ad copy
  • Infographics
  • PR
  • Assisting the team with other tasks when necessary.. We’re a startup; we all wear different hats and chip in when we have to



Our Culture is What Makes Us Unique

Get Shit Done

No Excuses: We execute faster than anyone else. Be resourceful with speed. Mistakes may hurt us temporarily but being slow will kills us.

Data Levels All Arguments

Come to conversations and meetings with data (qualitative or quantitative). Our decisions will be sharper and our meetings shorter.

Always be Learning, Always be Teaching

 We are lifelong learners. We are a secret society and we make each other stronger within the Tribe. The world changes every week, learn and teach others.

It’s OK to Fail

 We value risk-taking. Mistakes are totally fine when you run experiments. We’re here to experiment.

Minimum Delightful Experiments 

Ship fast and break things… but also watch out for customer delight and the Growth Tribe brand.

Innovate or Die & Always Be Paranoid

We never let ourselves forget: What got us here won’t get us there. Always optimise and innovate.

We’re a Secret Society

 Don’t share secrets and stories outside the Tribe.

No Aggravation. No Bullshit.

 1% of drama creates 99% of aggravation.

Have Empathy & Help Out

 For customers and for teammates. We’re all human: “Did they eat? Are they sleepy? Is it a bad day?” And No-one is too good god for any task.

And please…

Don’t eat Bananas with Eye Contact! It’s really awkward…



The master minds YOU’LL be working with…



These are our (public) channels





Instagram: @growthtribe

Here’s some reading you can do on us…  

Why We Built Europe’s First Growth Hacking Academy And Are Exploding

We Asked Students To Use Growth Hacking for Good Causes…The Results Were Incredible

Amsterdam Leading The Way In Artificial Intelligence


And this is what others say about us…


What Makes You Special 

  • You’re an English native speaker
  • Amazing English copywriting skillzz
  • Strong knowledge on social media channels to promote content (we have techniques we’ll share as well)
  • Basic HTML proficiency is a bonus (we can teach you this stuff)
  • SEO knowledge is a bonus (we can teach you this stuff)
  • Design skills (UX) is a bonus (we can teach you this stuff)
  • CMS experience, particularly WordPress is a bonus (we can teach you this stuff)
  • You’ve written impressive content you can show us
  • You LOVE words and their meaning! You’re a player for words
  • You’re hunting down/ have hunted down a Bachelor/Master Degree in Digital Marketing, Communications or something along those lines
  • You heart skips a beat when you hear “tech”, “startup scene” & “animated GIFs of fuzzy cats”
  • You looove execution just like we do! Have a positive can-do mentality, and work fast. If you don’t know something, Google is your answer
  • You take your work seriously, but not yourself
  • You’re a self-sufficient team player
  • You’re available full-time for 6 months

What you’ll get in return

  • Work with an awesome, international team with lots of banter
  • A free 2-Day Growth Hacking Crash Course (worth 1800euros)
  • A copywriting course that will change the rest of your life
  • Access to training with the brightest minds in the ecosystem
  • Access to The Netherlands’ fastest growing startup network
  • An awesome team and lots of banter
  • Great network. You’ll meet and mingle with tons of people on the ecosystem
  • A mind-blowing office in the middle of Amsterdam
  • A license to develop in the fields you want you
  • Recruitment possibilities after the traineeship. We’re growing at an insanely fast pace and need more unicorns on our team
  • Deepen your own growth hacking skills by working with the leading minds in the field
  • Get a daily, healthy lunch with the team & great coffee, tea and many more tasty things
  • Again, work with an awesome team!


Do you feel like a cat sitting on hot coals now? Well…what are you waiting for, apply via Recruitee!


We can’t wait to meet you!

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