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Why to Work for the Startup Unicorn Bynder in Amsterdam


Have you always wanted to check out your dream startup on the inside, read through the irresistible perks, and discover...

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14 Startup Events You Can’t Miss Out on in 2017

News, Productivity

2017 has arrived along with your new goals for this season. Do you practise the evergreen slogan ‘New year, new...

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How to Choose the Right Startup for You

Career Advice, Startup

A common mistake people make when looking for jobs is accepting the first job offer they get or the one...

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The sweet spot for talent to meet great Startup Jobs

Track all applications
Track all applicants of your job in our dashboard. You can then approve or deny each application and send them a personalised message.

Curated Companies
We make sure every company that posts a job fits our definition of a startup and they aren’t agencies or multi-national corporate companies doing recruitment.

Resume Database
Not only do we have new and experienced talent looking for great startups to work in but we have near 1500 resumes to look through.

Working in Startup
We have been working for over 2 years making sure startups and talent know us for connecting talent to Startups. We’ve been leaning how to best form job text and grab attention of the right candidates.

In-App messaging

Keep all your conversations and questions with applicants together before you pick the right candidate for an interview.

Talk to everyone
We began and will continue to use English as our primary language of communication since this is the language of the Startup community and we want to be inclusive.

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